5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Home Quickly

Finding the perfect home can seem impossible when you are too picky. Before you set out to shop the available real estate, learn these top five steps to help you find the house that will suit you now as well as into the future.

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Make a List of Your Priorities

There is your perfect home and then there’s your dream house. Don’t confuse the two. Start by writing down a list of the must-haves and the ‘would be nice’ items. This way you can tell which items would mean the most to you. For example, a bathroom with a hot tub would be great, but do you need it? Would it make or break the deal for you?

Obviously, that is just an example, but you get the idea. Make a list of the things you can’t live without and those things that would be nice if the house had them. This way as you look at homes, you won’t out rule those homes that would probably work just fine, but because they don’t meet your wants, you may pass it right up.

Know Your Style

Again, before you even start shopping for a home, think long and hard about the style of home you want. Are you a classic family or does the modern look appeal to you? Knowing the style that you would be the most comfortable in will help you narrow down your choices.

With fewer homes to look at, you will waste less time. If you know a home is contemporary and you only want a classic home, you won’t bother looking at the contemporary home. The less time you waste, the quicker you will find your home. Not sure what style you like? Do some research online. Chances are you will know quickly which type of home is right for you.

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Don’t be Closed-Minded

While you should have a list of features and you should know the style home you want, don’t be too closed-minded. If you happen to stumble across a home that speaks to you, go see it. Look around and see what you think. You might find that you really like the home even if it is completely out of the realm of what you planned to buy.

This doesn’t mean you need to settle. It also doesn’t mean you should waste time on homes that you know won’t fit your needs. But it does mean you should keep an open mind and look around. As you drive through neighborhoods keep your eyes open for something that catches your eye because you never know when it might be ‘the one.’

Get Your Preapproval

Before you even start shopping for a home, you should get preapproved. Just what does this have to do with your dream home? Just about everything! Without financing, you won’t be able to buy the house, so there is no sense in figuring out how to find that house that is just right for you.

Talk with a few lenders and see what you can afford. You’ll want to talk about loan programs, down payments, and what you can afford. You don’t want to get in over your head, so knowing what you can afford up front will help you find that dream home that you can afford rather than the home you can’t afford but would love to have.

Finding the perfect home takes work – it’s not going to happen overnight. Make your lists, do your research, and get your pre-approval. These steps will help make the house hunting process much less painful and much more willing to be successful for you in a short amount of time.

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