How Can Debt Consolidation Go Wrong?

Solving a Puzzle

Debt consolidation is one good way to deal with debts. Debt is as American as apple pie. Many have accrued large debts because they do not have enough income to cover their spending. For a lot of Americans, living paycheck to paycheck is a norm. The problem with this is the lack of savings. In an instance of a financial emergency, it is easy for them to turn to credit to pay for the unplanned expenses.

Military veterans are not exempt from this kind of scenario. In fact, the Veterans Affairs has created a program where it  guarantees the debt consolidation loan. This is designed for the veteran who has been buried under heaps of unpaid debts.

The Military Debt Consolidation Loan is not originated by the VA. Instead, a private lender originates the loan and the VA backs it. The VA can establish limits for lenders, such as interest rates, closing cost, and fees. But since the lender provides the financing, they may also have additional requirements on top of the requirements set by the VA.

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How Can It Go Wrong?

A debt consolidation loan will not permanently fix the problem of overspending. It can be a ‘quick fix’ for people who are struggling with debt. But if you are not mindful of your spending habits, you can end up with more bills to carry on your shoulder.

If the problem is about your income not being enough to cover your everyday living expenses, you can address that directly. Find where you can reduce your spending, how you can add more income or work on both altogether. A debt consolidation loan won’t rid you of chronic overspending. If you will not change your spending style and create a new lifestyle, debt consolidation will not do you any good.

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On the Positive Side…

Debt consolidation has a really simple concept. It bunches together many different debts so you would only need to make one payment to one creditor per month. With a lower interest rate and better terms, this makes debt payment more bearable. Instead of stressing yourself on multiple debts and worrying if you’ve missed any payments, you can focus your energy and effort on one loan.

You may contact a VA representative on how you can avail of the Military Debt Consolidation Loan. You also have the option to talk to a debts consolidation lender to learn more about their loan offer. Start shopping for a lender and find a VA-approved one who can help you solve your problems.

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