A suitable lender is the key to getting the right VA loan.

Finding a good lender might be easier said than done though. While there is no shortage of banks or credit unions, not everyone offers home financing intended for veterans as well as active servicemen and women. And among those who do, there may be a handful whose financial products leave little to be desired.

How do you separate the rotten ones from the bunch? Be an informed borrower by making use of the research tools available at your disposal. This should then be followed a rates and services comparison.

Finding a Lender

In this technology-driven era, starting your search on the internet only makes sense. There are hundreds of online resources that provide information about lenders servicing the area you live in. From legitimate websites, you can pull numerous business names, addresses, and contact numbers. List down three to five prospects and give them a call.

Recommendations from people in both your social and professional network can also yield promising leads.

Comparing Lenders

Remember to take your time when searching for a VA approved lender.  Not all lenders offer the same rates and loan terms. Make sure to find a lender that is willing to work with you and meet your needs. Each lender probably has a different rate for the VA streamline refinance – and that the rate the lender is offering isn’t really your rate until it is locked. Shop multiple lenders to get the best deal for your money.